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Jerónimo Martins Customer Ombudsman | About Us

About Us

We represent and defend the rights of more than four million customers who visit the Food Distribution and Specialised Retail stores run by the Jerónimo Martins Group every day.


With over two centuries of history, the Jerónimo Martins Group values relationships of trust and proximity with its customers. This culture was strengthened in 2005 with the creation of the Customer Ombudsman Office.


It’s the stores, through the Management teams, that should ensure that situations involving customers are resolved and clarified when they occur.


Alternatively, customers may contact Customer Support Services, which have expert teams dedicated to providing clarifications and resolving problems.


If the situation was not resolved by the Customer Support Service according to your expectations, please contact the Customer Ombudsman Office.

Pillars of Action





Jerónimo Martins Customer Ombudsman | About Us | Team

Our Team

Jerónimo Martins Customer Ombudsman | About Us | Team

We are a team made up of people from different fields of expertise, with sound knowledge of our sector and of applicable laws and regulations.

We have exclusive channels of communication and resources, and access to management tools to analyse and report information.

What We Do

Receber e Analisar
We receive and assess

the complaints submitted by customers, ensuring that each one is assigned to a manager who will keep an open line of communication until final clarification is provided.

We mediate and respond

based on facts ascertained, engaging the relevant internal interlocutors and departments to resolve the situation.

We share and recommend

opportunities for improvement and performance indicators, monitoring commitments undertaken and encouraging internal discussion on the rights and expectations of customers.

What we don’t do

We reserve the right to not respond to or interact with interlocutors who are clearly acting in bad faith, submit inappropriate content, or who submit anonymous reports based on rationale that is clearly insufficient to be assessed.


We do not manage situations which are not within the scope of our activity and mission. We would therefore recommend viewing the contacts area of the Jerónimo Martins Group’s corporate website and those of the respective Companies.