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How to Appeal

If you have already reported your situation to the store’s team or Customer Support Service and if you consider that the outcome didn’t meet your expectations, you can appeal to the Customer Ombudsman Office.

Description and Steps of the Reporting Process

Draft your report

To ensure you receive the best clarification, you must make sure that:

  • All information and documents related to your report are presented clearly, fully and objectively.
  • You indicate your preferred means of contact so that we can establish an open line of communication with you to request information and provide clarification.


If the situation reported was not previously assessed or responded to by the store and Customer Support Service, the Customer Ombudsman Office reserves the right to forward your report for analysis and response by the respective service.

Report your situation

To report your situation to the Customer Ombudsman Office, you should fill in the form available on the Report your Report your situation.

When reporting your situation online, we will ask you for information that will help us better understand your situation, in particular, the country and Company it is related to, if the situation was previously assessed by the Customer Support Service and the respective reference (mandatory for proceeding with the submission), the typology which best characterizes it (complaint, request for information, suggestion or compliment), as well as a detailed description.

Assessment and Response

After submitting your report to the Customer Ombudsman Office via this website, you will immediately receive a message confirming receipt. A reference number will be assigned automatically to your process, which you should save and use whenever you contact the Customer Ombudsman Office. When you provide an e-mail address, you will also receive the information submitted and the respective reference.

Customers will always be notified of which service will be handling their process (Customer Support Service or Customer Ombudsman). This decision depends on the status of the process (if it is still under analysis).

When processes are managed directly by us, you will be contacted by one of our team members, who will be responsible for your process, handling all interim contacts up to the final clarification.

If you need more information about our service, mission and scope of activity, we recommend consulting the Frequent Questions area.

Status of your Process

To request clarification, to find out the status of the process or to send additional information after the submission and receiving the message confirming receipt, please contact us through the following means of contact:

Contact the Customer Ombudsman Office

Find out the status of your process through one of our service channels.

See how to contact us

Ask to be contacted

After receiving the message confirming receipt of your report to the Customer Ombudsman, you can ask to be contacted or send additional information by filling in the following contact form.

Contact form